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Christian Egge was born in Bergen, Norway, in 1956. He earned a Degree of Master of Arts with a Major in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Stockholm in 2003, and is also educated as a Waldorf-teacher with a 5-year-education in speech and drama. He taught 1988-2003 at the Rudolf Steiner Seminariet in Järna, Sweden, where he, at the Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna, for several years also organized public conferences on philosophy, medicine, meditation and the world religions. Out of his special interest in the mind-body-relationship, or the relationship between the brain and consciousness, he set out on an interview-project worldwide investigating perspectives on the theme through conversations with biologists, philosophers, scientists, teachers, representatives of different cultures and religions – as well as some freedom-fighters like Desmond Tutu. An interview of particular interest concerning the mindfulness-impulse was the conversation with B. Alan Wallace in Dharamsala in 2002, as Christian travelled with Arthur Zajonc to the Mind & Life Institute´s conference on “The Nature of Matter, the Nature of Life”. A deep impression made the late Russian philosopher Grigorij Pomerants with his pedagogical idea of “The contemplative pause” as a necessary precondition for the survival of civilization. These interviews resulted in the book Frihetens Vilkår, (Flux forlag, Oslo 2007) translated: The Precondition of Freedom. Conversations on Values in the Multicultural Society . (Christian´s 3 books are available only in Norwegian, although many of the interviews were conducted in English.)

Realizing the impact of the globalized economy, Christian´s next book-project was documentation of and interviews with businesses, banks and networks as well as economic thinkers all representing and manifesting Tripple Bottom Line-businesses – or what we may call “New Economy”. One of the first interviewees was Otto Scharmer at MIT. An interview of particular interest for the mindfulness-impulse was the one with Saki Santorelli at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society) on “Managing our own home: Mindfulness and economic sensibility”. The title of the book is Levende Økonomi, (Flux forlag, Oslo, 2011) translated: Living Economy.

In 2011 – 2012 Christian was Project Manager at the Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment, ForUM, (Oslo), as its 50 member-organizations were preparing for the Rio+20-summit in June 2012.

He has been working as a teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Bergen, Norway, as well as lecturing in Scandinavia on the themes of his books. His relationship to the mindfulness-impulse was particularly established as he invited Saki Santorelli to Sweden in 2006. He is deeply committed to the importance of contemplative practices in education on all levels as a foundation for a sustainable future – in all walks of life. From 1st August 2014 – 1st August 2015 Christian was education consultant to Mind & Life Europe / Mind & Life Institute.

Working for Mind & Life Institute, both in Europe and in the US, Christian facilitated a mindfulness-based program: Call2Care, at an elementary school in Kongsberg, Norway. This program has been implemented for teachers (2015-17); after one year of practice, the teachers started doing exercises in mindfulness and empathy with pupils. As to the contemplative element, the theme is: receiving care, self-care and extending care. The program is built on a comprehensive framework of neuroscience, attachment /developmental psychology, pedagogics and contemplative practice.

Through the year 2016 Christian wrote the book Menneske først og fremst, (Kagge forlag, Oslo, 2016) translated: Human first and foremost on the Camphill movement in Norway. It is based above all on interviews with villagers, co-workers and other personalities connected to the Camphill-movement in Norway in different ways. He was asked to write this book by the Camphill Foundation (Camphill Landsbystiftelse) in Norway, marking 50 years of work in six villages.

Christian is the father of two sons.

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