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Christian Egge

Phone: (+47) 912 47 063

Name in passport: Alf Christian Egge
Born 24th December 1956 in Bergen, Norway
Marital status: Unmarried
2 sons: Jorian Egge b. 1991, Thomas Egge b. 1994

Short bio: Page 13



Arthur Zajonc, Mind & Life Institute, Amherst, MA. USA

Saki Santorelli, (USA) Center for Mindfulness /

Andrew Preston, (NO) Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM) See Letter of recommendation Appendix 2 /

Michael de Vibe, (NO) The Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Health Services /



Teacher, author, speaker, conference- and seminar-organizer


  • Dissemination and communication skills – written and oral
  • Leadership and organizational skills
  • Experience with the preparation of curricula (folk-high-school / post-high-school level) as well as arranging study group travels (Greece)
  • Experience from structuring, leading and implementing seminars and conferences within different subject areas
  • Interest and experience in creating cross-cultural understanding in the multicultural society


Freelance-work in periods of book writing / own projects – in the framework of a one-person-company in Sweden: Convergamus  (cultural work) closed in 2011 when moving to Norway. Currently one-person-company in Norway:  Alf Christian Egge

August 1st 2014 – (assumed) July 31st 2015: Contracted (not employed) education consultant to Mind & Life Europe /MLE (5 months) and Mind & Life Institute (Team in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA) (assumed) 7 months).

July 1st 2013 – August 1st 2014: Teacher at the Rudolf Steinerskolen in Bergen. Class teacher grade 9 + periods at the high school level in social science and religion.

Granted leave for 2014/2015 because of the work for Mind &Life Institute

August 1st 2011 – August 1st 2012 project employee at Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM) in Oslo as Rio+20-coordinator (Project Manager). Reference: see Appendix 2

November 2006 – July 2008 Project Employee as Conference / seminar organizer at Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna, by Stockholm, Sweden. Took initiatives to and organized a series of public conferences / seminars – mainly at this locality, partly as a cooperation between Kulturforum Järna (or the Antroposophical Society) and Convergamus / “The Contemplative Pause” (registered)  Often moderator function.
Examples of topics: World Religions, multicultural society, philosophy, medicine, etc. See Appendix 8.

1988 – 2003 Employed as a teacher at the Rudolf Steiner Seminariet in Järna (initially folkhighshool level) approx 50 km south of Stockholm. Taught philosophy, history of religion + recitation and drama.

For 8 years (1995-2003) Leader of the Foundation Year / «Allmänna linjen» – later called «Grundåret». This course was in principle the first year for all the Seminariets´ (4 year) trainings: Teacher training, the Arts, Eurythmy and (partially) the Agricultural education at Skillebyholm Gård (close to the Seminariet)

January – July 1981 Sailor at  “GO Sars”, a trawler / research-ship in Northern Norway / Barents Sea

November 1979 – January 1981 Farm Practice / apprentice on Frilund Farm, Bjørkelangen outside Oslo.  Organic / biodynamic farming

1975 – 1976 Military service at Jørstadmoen and Bardufoss. Liaison Service Telegraphist Class B.


2007  Frihetens vilkår. Samtaler om verdier i det flerkulturelle samfunn. Flux forlag, Oslo Tr: The precondition for freedom. Conversations on values in the multicultural society

2011 Levende økonomi. Ledende økonomer tenker nytt. Flux forlag, Oslo Tr:   Living / Vibrant economy. Leading economists on new paths



University subjects: Philosophy, History of Religion, French


2003 Degree of Master of Arts / “Filosofie Magister-examen” (Theoretical Philosophy) at Stockholm University, Sweden

2002 Fil. kand-exam at Stockholm University, Sweden

2002 Cand. Mag. degree at the University of Bergen, Norway



Waldorf Pedagogy and Recitation & Drama

1983 – 1988 Sprachgestaltung / Recitation & Drama – 5 years of education at the Goetheanum, Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft in Dornach at Basel, Switzerland. The whole program in German

1981 – 1983 Waldorf Teacher (2 years education) at the  Rudolf Steinerseminariet in Järna, Sweden




2014  10 days silent Vipassana retreat at Dhammacari Vipassana Meditations-zentrum, München, Germany

2014 Global summer education workshop A Call to Care in Amherst, MA, USA

2009  8-week course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Heidi Andersen, Stockholm

2008 10 day silent retreat with Vipassana meditation at Dhamma Sobhana Vipassana Centre on Lyckebygården, Ödeshög, Sweden

2007 1 week MBSR- retreat with training in Ludvika, Sweden. Course Leaders: Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli from The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

1993 Coastal Yachtmaster Diploma.  For recreational boats larger than 12 by 4 meters


About the books


Omslag, Frihetens vilkårFrihetens vilkår. Samtaler om verdier i det flerkulturelle samfunn

The precondition for freedom. Conversations on values in the multicultural society

Working title: School, world-view and outlook on man in the multicultural society

This book contains interviews with 16 personalities from 4 continents. The starting point for the book were the ideals expressed in the curricula for compulsory school in Norway and Sweden – in the field between the natural sciences and the humanities. It is rich with perspectives from philosophers, biologists, pedagogues from different strands, representatives from the world religions as well as indigenous wisdom – and is covering people from strong believers to materialists / atheists. Here are famous people like Desmond Tutu (South Africa) and Mary Robinson (Ireland) and less famous – all equally exciting.


Omslag, Levende økonomiLevende økonomi. Ledende økonomer tenker nytt

Living / Vibrant economy. Leading economists on new paths

Working title:  Features of a sound economy for the future.
The book is a collection of 14 interviews and documentation of two large companies – one in the Global South: Egypt, and one in the Global North: Sweden- as well as of business networks (BALLE), ethical banks  etc. with economists, bankers and business executives / employees from eight countries, on islamic finance, buddhist economics etc.  In short, the book contains practical examples – and thinking / deliberations about the possibilities for corporations / economic players directly to work for a sustainable development locally and globally. A keyword for such economic activity is «the Triple Bottom Line» where the accounts is not just about profit, but just as much about corporate contributions to a healthy and equitable development for people and the environment (People, Planet, Profit). This work was begun during the booming financial crisis in 2008. It was conducted in collaboration with Cultura Bank and partly the Ideas Bank Foundation, both in Oslo.


Reference by Andrew Preston, Forum for Utvikling og Miljø (ForUM)

Oslo, 17th september 2012

To whom it may concern:

Letter of Recommendation for Christian Egge

This letter is my personal recommendation for Christian Egge (date of birth: 24th December 1956). Christian was a member of the ForUM staff from August 2011 until September 2012, employed in a one-year fixed-term position as our Rio+20 coordinator.

Forum for Utvikling og Miljø (ForUM) is a network of over 50 Norwegian development, environment, peace and human rights organisations working for a democratic and peaceful world, based on equity, solidarity, human rights and sustainability. Our members develop common policies and carry out advocacy work on a broad range of international development and environmental issues. ForUM was established at the time of the Earth Summit in 1992.

As ForUM’s Rio+20 coordinator, Christian’s primary task was to coordinate our common preparations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) that was held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012. Christian’s work remit included encouraging an informed debate in Norway on key issues to be discussed at the conference, acting as a channel of communication to the Norwegian government on civil society positions on these issues, and encouraging the active participation of our members in the Rio+20 process.

Working in an environment with a strong team-based ethic and with all the organizational intricacies of a network with a distinctly political mandate was a new experience for Christian. During his year in ForUM, he developed his skills as a team player and political actor, and delivered an impressive list of results, including well-attended public events, lectures, articles, policy documents and active participation in numerous meetings under the aegis of the UN in the run-up to the Rio+20 conference.

Christian is a conscientious worker, with a deep commitment to the issues that ForUM works to promote. In particular, his experience and understanding of real, successful initiatives to realize a green economy is a unique source of competence. Christian worked to demanding deadlines and demonstrated a welcome ability to come up with creative suggestions to different challenges posed.

Christian has a warm, enthusiastic and positive personality, with a concern for his fellow workers, and was well liked by his colleagues. On numerous occasions he also demonstrated his many other talents within drama and philosophy.

I am happy to give Christian my warmest recommendations.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Preston


Reference by Kjell Solberg, University for Seniors PUSK / Pensjonist-universitetet on Skedsmo after lecture, September 6th, 2011

just wanted to say thank you for your lecture and inform you that I do not think I have previously received so much positive feedback on a lecture as by yours. It’s nice for me, but I also think you should get this information and inspiration. Can we hope that the public mood is about to change? That more people gradually start to search for new ways to orient their lives? One of the participants said namely this to me.
I have decided that you will get a successor in Roald Nygaard (whom you met after the lecture); he will talk about «Actor or piece (Aktør eller brikke) – about human self-understanding» on our meeting on Feb.  7th, 2012.
Members have received information about your books, so probably some have been sold too.
This is actually the first time I have written to a speaker after a lecture to give recognition.
All best and and continued success with your project!


Sincerely Kjell, PUSK


Some examples of newspaper articles 2011-2012

April 20th 2011: Article (chronicle) in “Klassekampen”: «Business and climate crisis. Can the business sector show us the way to improved quality of life and values ​​other than consumption? «

October 8th: Article in Bergens Tidende: «We must look further than our own wallet. On  Green Economy”

December 23rd 2011: Full Page Article in Morgenbladet: «The Norwegian oil industry: Easter Morning or Good Friday?»

July 8th 2012: Debate contribution in  Bergens Tidende about green economy: «What is the bees´ pollination worth? (1)» (”Hva er bienes bestøvning verdt? «)

July 11th: BT: «What is the bees´ pollination worth? (2)

Examples of lectures given between  September 2010 – March 2013

March 8th 2013: 2 lectures for the  Norwegian Church Academies (Kirkeakademiers) Annual  Meeting at Gran, southern Norway. About «The preconditions of freedom» and about «Vibrant Economy» – and on sustainable development – with subsequent conversation

October 29th 2012: Lecture for Master students at Bodø University College, UiN (The business school in Bodø) Theme (during the whole autumn) was: New Economy and Deep Ecology

September 27th + 28th 2012: Lecture on «Green economy and Rio + 20″ for teachers and parents + students at the  high school of Rudolf Steiner School in Bergen (Paradis)

August 10th + 11th 2012: Lecture at a festival in the Eco village in Hurdal about the “The relationship between freedom and economic practices”. Moderator both days

May 24th 2012: Contribution and participation in panel conversation at the Litteraturhuset (House of Litterature) in Oslo. SUM (Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo) and FIVH (the Future In Our Hands), Blindern, arranged «Birthday for sustainable development» and the launch of the journal «Tvergastein» – In honor of Arne Naess
Contributions by Nina Witoszek (SUM), Eivind Trædal (Master Student, SUM), Hanna Marcussen (Spokesperson for the Green Party / MDG) and the undersigned as representative of the Forum for Environment and Development (ForUM). Moderator: Thomas Hylland Eriksen (anthropologist)

February 23rd 2012: Lecture / Public meeting on Nansenskolen, Lillehammer: Theme: «Economy, economists and the rest of us.» About the book project «Living Economy»

February 24th 2012: Lecture for students and employees at Nansenskolen, Lillehammer: «Green economy and  Rio + 20” as well as examples from the book Living Economy.

November 24th 2011: Lecture on People´s Academy at Stovner. On dialogue / freedom / responsibility – as well as about «green economy» and Rio + 20

October 21st 2011: Contributions in panel together with Pedro Paez, Banco del Sur, Equador; weekend-seminar for SU (Socialist Youth), Oslo: My theme: About Rio + 20, green economy and experiences from «Vibrant Economy Project»

September 6th 2011: Lecture at PUSK ( University for Seniors), Skjedsmo: «On human freedom and a possible sustainable economy»

May 31st 2011: Lecture on summer seminar on Green Economy for the «Return-cooperation LOOP» on “Latter”  (Laughter), Aker Brygge, Oslo

May 4th 2011: Contribution at Nordland County Council’s meeting for «Regional Plan-strategy» with cafe dialogue by  Centre for Ecological Economics and Ethics at Bodø University College (UiN)). Location: Salten – Fauske

May 5th 2011: Contribution at a  similar dialogue conference in Narvik

February 8th 2011: Seminar for students and business representatives at Bodø University College / University of Nordland on Green/Ecologic Economy

January 18th + 19th 2011: 2 days seminar on Marjatta, institution for mentally retarded children, adolescents and adults in Denmark. For students in the institution´s education and employees. On man´s potential freedom in thinking and acting – and sustainability

December 7th 2010: Lecture at BKK in Bergen (Bergenshalvøens Kommunale Kraftselskap AS) The Bergen peninsula communal energy company; Department for the supply of district heating. On Green Economy

November 17th 2010: Lecture at Sätra Brunn in Sala / Vasterås – on «Lokal-ekonomi-dagarna»  (Local Economy Days). Organizer «All Sweden shall live» On Green/Ecologic  Economy

November 12th + 13th 2010: Lecture at Vidaråsen / Tønsberg for the Supervisory Board for the Camphill Movement in Norway. Outlook on man and a sustainable economy

October 21st 2010: 2 lectures for students – and parents – at the  Rudolf Steiner School in Bergen. Around Freedom and economy

September 3rd + 4th 2010: 2 lectures at the  Nordic Bank Meeting in Roskilde, Denmark. Merkurbanken (DK), Ekobanken (SE) och Cultura Bank (NO). Themes from my book-projects, particularly on sustainable economy



In Oslo and Rio de Janeiro,Brazil: initiative to, organization and implementation of these conferences in 2012

January 25th 2012 Café Dialogue: Green economy on the road to Rio + 20
at the Kunstnernes Hus (Artists´ House) Oslo – in collaboration with Professor Ove Jakobsen, Assistant professor Øystein Nystad and three students at Bodø University College (UiN)

March 14th 2012 Towards a green economy – a simple case of greening the sectors – or time for a stronger medicine? At the Håndverkeren (The Craftsman) Oslo. In collaboration with Polytechnic Society.
Contributors from the UN / UNEP: Pavan Sukhdev, South Centre: Martin Khor, the Norwegian Environment and Development Minister Erik Solheim, Lars Hektoen director at the Cultura Bank, Christine Ageton from BALLE network in the USA and Arild Hermstad from “Future In Our Hands” (FIVH)

May 15th 2012 On food, water and energy – in the context of Rio + 20. How can we secure access two adequate food, clean and safe drinking water and sustainable energy for all – within at the planetary boundaries?
At the  Håndverkeren, Oslo.  Contributors from the Global South, Norwegian authorities etc.

13th -22nd June 2012 at the Rio + 20 / UNCSD / UN Conference on Sustainable Development / 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Coordinator for ForUM ´s  Rio + 20 work, organizing daily meetings between representatives of the Norwegian Delegation (negotiators) and ForUM with its member organizations

July 17th 2012 Banking Because The future Matters – Building a financial system two support a green, fair and inclusive economy. In Rio Centro, Rio de Janeiro. A side-event / seminar ahead of the summit 20th – 22nd July in cooperation with Merkur Bank in Denmark, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values ​​(GABV) and Green Economy Coalition in London. ForUM was the organizer through association with ECOSOC (UN’s Committee on Economic and Social Affairs). The “Green Economy Coalition” and Mercury Bank (DK) developed – in the months before the conference through an open «On-line Consultation» – 4 key points for reform of banking / financial systems in the world. These were presented at the seminar.
Speakers: Ida Auken, Danish Environment Minister, Lars Pehrson, Director of Merkur Bank, Pavan Sukhdev, Director of GIST Advisory and Research for TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity), Nick Robins, head of the center for climate change by HSBC, Ladislau Dowbor, economics professor at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Oliver Greenfield, «convenor» at the Green Economy Coalition.



Examples of journals / magazines that have published texts from the book Frihetens Vilkår

Samtiden (NO), Herald of Europe (GB), Vestnik Evropa (Russia), Pengevirke (NO + DK), Kirke & Kultur (Church & Culture) (NO) Norsk Pedagogisk Tidsskrift (Norwegian Educational Journal) (NO), Flux (NO), Libra (NO), På Väg (SE) and others


Some examples of conferences / seminars initiated, organized and implemented between 1996 – 2006 at the Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna (near the Rudolf Steiner-seminariet) by Stockholm. For these events representatives from the various religions, from academia, from different philosophical schools (analytical, continental), professionals from conventional and alternative medicine as well as from the antroposophical movement were invited. In most cases there were artistic contributions integrated with lectures, panel discussions and conversations. Except for these bigger events, a number of smaller were also arranged with the most diverse themes ranging from “The history of chocolate” to Plato´s Symposium (dramatized).

January 12th-14th 1996: Philosophy´s task today.

November  1st-3rd 1996: Death – life´s precondition?

October 8th-10th 1999: Consciousness – individuality. The “I” in the light  of philosophy och anthroposophy.

Seminars «Religion 2000″


August 28th + 29th 1999: Hinduism and Parsism / Zarathustra

November 14th 1999. Judaism

Januari 29th + 30th 2000: Islam

March 25th 2000: On Syrian orthodox Christianity

September 8th + 9th 2001: Buddhism according to the Tibetan tradition

Februari 8th 2002: On health´s hidden nature (Über die Verborgenheit der Gesundheit) (Particularly:) On the philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer

September 24th-26th 2004. «The contemplative pause» (1): Zenbuddism and anthroposophy / christian esoterics.

September 27th-October 1st 2004: On spiritual training in the antroposophical context

January 13th-15th 2006: «The contemplative pause» (2): Sufism and anthroposophy / christian esoterics.

January 16th Presentation of Mindfulness for medical doctors, psychologists, therapists and healthcare workers by Saki Santorelli, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society, MA. USA

Januari 17th-20th 2006: On love and anthroposophy

November 4th-6th 2006: Man – the mystery in everyday life. To work with people in the terminal stage – with Raymond Moody, USA

Adjusted 27th March 2015 / Christian Egge

Lectures given and newspaper texts from 2014 not added

A short summary on page 13


Christian Egge

A short biographical summary

Christian Egge was born in Bergen, Norway, in 1956. He earned a Degree of Master of Arts with a Major in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Stockholm in 2003, and is also educated as a Waldorf-teacher with a 5-year-education in speech and drama. He taught 1988-2003 at the Rudolf Steiner Seminariet in Järna, Sweden, where he for several years also organized public conferences on philosophy, medicine, meditation and the world religions. Out of his special interest in the mind-body-relationship, or the relationship between the brain and consciousness, he set out on an interview-project worldwide investigating perspectives on the theme through conversations with biologists, philosophers, scientists, teachers, representatives of different cultures and religions as well as some “freedom-fighters” like Desmond Tutu. An interview of particular interest concerning the mindfulness-impulse was the conversation with B. Alan Wallace in Dharamsala in 2002, as Christian travelled with Arthur Zajonc to the Mind & Life Institute´s conference on “The Nature of Matter, the Nature of Life”. A deep impression made the late Russian philosopher Grigorij Pomerants with his pedagogical idea of “The contemplative pause” as a necessary precondition for the survival of civilization. These interviews resulted in the book The Precondition of Freedom. Conversations on Values in the Multicultural Society. (Only in Norwegian) Realizing the impact of the globalized economy, Christian´s next book-project was documentation of and interviews with businesses, banks and networks as well as economic thinkers all representing and manifesting Tripple Bottom Line-businesses or what we may call “New Economy”. One of the first interviewees was Otto Scharmer at MIT. An interview of particular interest for the mindfulness-impulse was the one with Saki Santorelli (Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society) on “Managing our own home: Mindfulness and economic sensibility”. The title of the book is (translated) Living Economy. In 2011 – 2012 Christian was Project Manager at the Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (Oslo), as its 50 member-organizations were preparing for the Rio+20-summit in June 2012. He has lately been working as a teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Bergen, Norway, as well as lecturing in Scandinavia on the themes of his books. His relationship to the mindfulness-impulse was particularly established as he invited Saki Santorelli to Sweden in 2006. He is deeply committed to the importance of contemplative practices in education on all levels as a foundation for a sustainable future – in all walks of life. From 1st August 2014 – 1st August 2015 Christian is education consultant to Mind & Life Europe / Mind & Life Institute (see detailed CV). Christian is the father of two sons.

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